The Manus Difference: Our 6 Value Propositions

Professional Management Services

Manus Dental manages the business side of each Manus Dental practice so that our group of doctors can focus their attention on delivering outstanding dental care to their patients. Practice management is becoming increasingly more complicated and time consuming for many doctor owners.

Manus Dental has a highly trained and experienced operational team that can manage your practice in the most efficient and effective way. By partnering with Manus Dental you will benefit from a collective bargaining advantage that is unattainable in solo practice dentistry.

Financial Support/Reduced Financial Risk

Manus Dental pays all of the day-to-day costs of operating each Manus Dental practice.

  • Employee payroll
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employee legal responsibility
  • Purchasing
  • Rent/mortgage
  • Facilities management
  • Receivables/collections
  • Marketing
  • and all other cost associated with running your practice is the responsibility of Manus Dental

Manus Dental also pays all of the costs of building and equipping each Manus Dental practice, which include costs for facilities improvements, equipment purchases, and technology investments.
The payment by Manus Dental of operating, build-out and equipment expenses relieves our doctors of that burden so that they can better focus on delivering extraordinary clinical care to their patients


Dentistry has long been a very fragmented profession with the vast majority of doctors practicing by themselves. Our experience at Manus Dental is that most doctors thrive in a group environment, much like what is seen in the medical profession. By being part of a group, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in peer meetings
  • Collaborate in a non-competitive environment on difficult cases with other dentists
  • Have access to specialists in your facility to consult with on referral cases

Quality of Life

By partnering with a management team that you have confidence in, you will be able to comfortably leave your office at the end of the day knowing that the management functions of your practice are being attended to with care and expertise. At Manus Dental, we value life outside of work and are looking to partner with doctors who feel the same.
By partnering with Manus Dental you will be able to enjoy more time for you and your loved ones by eliminating the time spent on administering the business side of your practice. You also will be able to enjoy that special vacation with friends or family without worrying about what is happening back at the office.

Continued Education

Dentistry is a constantly changing profession with new research, products, equipment, techniques, and practice management solutions coming to market every day. With all that a doctor has going on, it can be an impossible task and financial burden to keep up with all the new developments.

To ease this burden and to help our doctors enhance their clinical skills, Manus Dental has partnered with leading national and international training companies to deliver continuing education and informational programs for all Manus Dental doctors. This includes training for your hygiene team and office staff to ensure that you are working with an educated and helpful team.


Doctor owners who partner with Manus Dental retain ownership of the patient base that they have developed and own. Manus Dental is not in the business of buying patient records or goodwill, but rather is in the business of providing dental practice facilities, practice management solutions and practice development capabilities to doctor owners.

We want each Manus Dental doctor to have an ownership stake in his or her practice and, accordingly, have developed a program whereby Manus Dental doctors have the opportunity upon their retirement to sell their patient base to a new or existing doctor within the Manus Dental group.

Manus will collaborate with you to plan an effective transition upon your retirement and to recruit an appropriate doctor to whom you can sell your patient base. This is an important distinction in our business model and one that Manus Dental believes will drive the long term viability of our doctor owner relationships.

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