Dental Emergencies


This is the most common form of dental pain and can be the result of a variety of problems.

  • If a tooth is broken, rinse the area to remove food and any other debris.
  • If the area has swelling, place a cold compress to the portion of your face nearest the toothache.
    • o Never use heat or place an aspirin on a toothache.
  • If a section of the tooth breaks off, save it for the dentist. This might help explain what went wrong.
  • Drinking cool liquids may also help the situation.

Of course, in any case you should call your Manus dentist as soon as practical in order to address the pain and the underlying cause of the toothache. Prompt attention to toothaches will help minimize the likelihood of infection and will maximize the opportunity for saving a distressed tooth.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

  • Rinse the mouth first with warm water to remove any dirt or debris from the traumatized area.
  • Save any pieces of the tooth that you can find.
  • A tooth may crack and not show any signs of fracture but it will be painful to chew on.
  • In the case of a chipped or fractured tooth, apply a cold compress to the portion of your face nearest the affected area. This will help control swelling.

Call and see your Manus dentist immediately.

Dislodged Tooth

  • Find the tooth quickly and, if possible, rinse the tooth with tap water.
    • Do not scrub the tooth or sterilize it with cleaning solution.
  • After rinsing the tooth, try to gently place it back into the tooth socket and hold the tooth in place.
    • If the situation will not allow you to place the tooth back into the mouth then place the tooth in a cup of cool water or milk.
  • • Stay calm and work quickly.

Generally, the tooth must be placed back into the socket within approximately one hour to survive. In every case of a dislodged tooth, call and see your Manus dentist immediately.

Objects Wedged Between Teeth

  • Try to gently remove the object if you can see it.
    • Be careful not to push it further into the tooth or gum tissue.
  • If the object isn’t visible, try flossing a few times.
    • Do not use toothpicks or other sharp instruments as they may cause bleeding and damage to the gums.

If you cannot remove the object call your Manus dentist, who can utilize special dental instruments to remove the object.

Orthodontic Appliances

  • If an orthodontic wire or bracket becomes detached, gently remove it from the mouth.
    • Do not attempt to place it back in position.
  • If a detached or broken wire or bracket is cutting the mouth place a piece of wax, a rolled up piece of tissue or a piece of gum over the area.
    • Do not attempt to remove any orthodontic appliance that is embedded into the cheek or gum.

Place any broken or loose wires or brackets in a container and call your Manus dentist immediately.


It is important to let your Manus Dental office know when there has been a change in your medical condition or medication. Changes in either of these can affect the teeth and gums and require adjustments in your dental treatment program.

Promptly notify your Manus dentist of changes in your medical condition or medication so that your Medical History Records maintained by your Manus Dental office can be properly and timely updated. There is no change in your medical condition or medication that is unimportant to your Manus dentist.

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