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Five Tips for Keeping Your Pearly Whites Their Brightest


Your smile is one of the first features that people typically notice, yet many think that the only way to achieve perfectly white teeth is with an expensive trip to the dentist.  However, there are actually many ways that you can improve your smile and whiten your teeth at home. Consider the following: 

1. Brush and floss your teeth:  It sounds simple, but brushing and flossing daily will remove unwanted stains on the surface of your teeth. Try to brush and floss twice daily, once in the morning and before bed. This before bed ritual will clean in between teeth and remove leftover food particles that have gotten trapped during the day.

2. Opt For a Whitening Toothpaste:  For an extra white boost, specially formulated whitening products can be helpful. Any toothpaste that has baking soda will help whiten your teeth by lifting surface stains.

3. Cut Back on Coffee:  If you don’t want stained teeth, avoid drinking coffee, tea, soda and red wines. These dark and red drinks can leave teeth looking dull or yellow due to their higher acid content. If these products happen to be your beverage of choice, try to limit consumption or brush your teeth shortly after drinking.

4. Routine cleanings and exams:  Even if you have a beautiful white smile, it is always important to visit a dentist for routine cleanings and check ups. These cleanings will maintain the health of your smile by removing plaque build ups and catching cavities early.  This will ensure that you not only have a bright smile but a healthy one as well.

5. Whitening Strips:  At-home teeth whitening strips provides a convenient option for enhancing your smile.  Most of the products on the market consist of bandage-like strips that adhere to teeth for approximately 30 minutes, resulting in a whiter smile.

You’re on your way to a beautiful smile!



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