Our Doctors

Manus Dental is proud of the Doctors and Hygienists who work in our local practices. They have a wide range of interests and backgrounds. Learn more about out team and their relationship with Manus by clicking below.


Northwestern Doctors

Doctors Job Title Phone
Caruso, Joseph D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Cummings, Hector D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Gay, Robin D.M.D. 312-274-3333
Kaushik, Ashutosh D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Morin, Christopher D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Patel, Paraj D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Sarantopoulos, Demetrios D.D.S., M.S. 312-274-3333
Shah, Sharmi D.M.D. 312-274-3333
Smith, Lawrence D.D.S., F.A.G.D. 312-274-3333
Yudkowsky, David D.D.S. 312-274-3333
Zalduendo, Maria D.D.S. 312-274-3333


Northwestern Hygienists 

Hygienists Job Title Phone
Del Rios, Luz R.D.H. 312-274-3333
Duron, Susan R.D.H. 312-274-3333
Ng, Maida R.D.H. 312-274-3333
O’Dea, Michelle R.D.H. 312-274-3333
Rickelman, Debby R.D.H. 312-274-3333


Hyde Park Doctors

Doctors Job Title Phone
Baima, Robert F. D.D.S. 773-752-6600
Hylan-Cohen, Jessica A. D.M.D., M.S. 773-752-6600
Kaushik, Ashutosh D.D.S. 773-752-6600
Morin, Christopher D.D.S. 773-752-6600
Rageb, Samia D.D.S. 773-752-6600
Shah, Sharmi D.M.D. 773-752-6600
Obaisi, Reem D.D.S. 773-752-6600


Hyde Park Hygienists 

Hygienists Job Title Phone
Moore, Julie R.D.H. 773-752-6600
Ng, Maida R.D.H. 773-752-6600
Ridgen, Deedra R.D.H. 773-752-6600


Yorkville Doctors

Doctors Job Title Phone
Fiedler, Evan D.D.S. 630-553-9388
Patel, Paraj D.M.D. 630-553-9388


Yorkville Hygienists 

Hygienists Job Title Phone
Barry, Joni R.D.H. 630-553-9388
McEachern, Tess R.D.H. 630-553-9388


Lake Zurich Doctors

Doctors Job Title Phone
Dohnalek, Daniel D.D.S. 847-438-6485
Langefeld, Jeff D.M.D. 847-438-6485
Mackler, Harrison DMD, MS 847-438-6485
Bici, Eva DMD 847-438-6485


Lake Zurich Hygienists 

Hygienists Job Title Phone
Balis, Jeanette R.D.H. 847-438-6485
Cabrera, Ritch R.D.H. 847-438-6458
Gratys, Jenny R.D.H. 847-438-6458
Tanzillo, Jay R.D.H. 847-438-6458
Wiltberger, Tracy R.D.H. 847-438-6458


Northwestern: 312.274.3333 VISIT NORTHWESTERN WEBSITE
Hyde Park: 773.752.6600 VISIT HYDE PARK WEBSITE
Yorkville: 630.553.9388 VISIT YORKVILLE WEBSITE
Lake Zurich: 847.438.6485 VISIT LAKE ZURICH WEBSITE
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