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Are you looking for a dentist committed to personalized care for you and your family? Are you concerned about the rising cost of dental care? Are you looking for an affordable dental benefit program that doesn’t burden you with paperwork, pre-authorization requirements, high monthly premiums and coverage restrictions? If you have answered "Yes" to any of these questions you should consider the iSmile Direct Program.

The iSmile Direct Program is not insurance but rather is a special dental program that enables participants to achieve savings of up to 20% on customary preventative and general dentistry services by paying a $49 annual fee. By eliminating the administrative burdens and restrictions of dental insurance, iSmile participating dentists through Manus Health Systems, Inc. are able to focus on the most important thing, the personalized dental care you and your family deserve. Become a participant in the iSmile Dental Program today!

Benefits & Highlights

  • No Employee Deductibles or Monthly Contributions
  • No Annual Maximums
  • No Insurance Claim Forms
  • No Pre-Authorization Requirements or Pre-Existing Exclusions
  • No Waiting Periods for Coverage
  • Four (4) Chicagoland Locations with Industry Leading Doctors (Participating locations: Northwestern, Hyde Park, Yorkville, & Lake Zurich)
  • Savings of up to 20% on Customary Preventative Care Services (routine cleanings and doctor examinations)
  • Savings of up to 20% on General Dentistry Services
  • Direct Access to the iSmile network of dentists

General Services Provided

  • Crowns
  • Teeth colored Resin fillings
  • Full Partials and Dentures
  • Bridge work
  • Periodontal Cleanings

Questions & Answers

How do I choose a practice location that is best for me?
Members can receive dental services under the iSmile Direct Plan at any of the four Manus locations throughout the Chicagoland area. To help you find a location and practice best for you call us at (312) 274-3333.
What happens when I have a question regarding dental treatment or fees?
Your iSmile doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan for you that will outline your care options and associated fees. The fees for treatment will be based on the favorable member-only fee schedule of your iSmile practice.
Is there an annual maximum benefit under the iSmile Direct Program?
There is no annual dollar maximum to the benefits under the iSmile Direct Program.
Are there any deductibles or claim forms?
The iSmile Direct PRogram is designed for ease of use with no deductibles, no pre-authorization requirements and no claim forms.
Experience counts! Any health care experience should start with a commitment to excellence in care. The doctors within the iSmile Direct Program network of practices include dental school professors, hospital educators, and national lecturers. The individual career enhancement activities of the doctors are supplemented by continuing education programs specially developed for the benefit of the iSmile Direct Program network of practices.
Northwestern: 312.274.3333 VISIT NORTHWESTERN WEBSITE
Hyde Park: 773.752.6600 VISIT HYDE PARK WEBSITE
Yorkville: 630.553.9388 VISIT YORKVILLE WEBSITE
Lake Zurich: 847.438.6485 VISIT LAKE ZURICH WEBSITE
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