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Does Your Teen Want Invisalign? Here’s Why You Should Consider

Invisalign Yorkville

If you’ve been thinking about getting orthodontic treatment for your teen, there’s a chance that they’ve been begging you to consider the Invisalign system—and for good reason! This series of custom-made aligners straightens your child’s teeth quickly and discretely without the need for bulky brackets and wires. But there are more reasons than just appearance that you may want to consider Invisalign for your teen. Here are five reasons why you will love the Invisalign system just as much as them!

No special meal preparation required!

When kids have braces, there are a number of foods they can no longer enjoy—particularly crunchy or hard foods like corn on the cob—as eating these foods could possibly damage their brackets and wires. This can be tricky for any parent trying to plan meals for the whole family. One of the great things about Invisalign is that your teen can take out their aligners whenever they choose. Therefore, they can remove them before eating and enjoy any foods the rest of the family is having.

It is easier for them to maintain a solid dental hygiene routine.

Braces can be a bit difficult to clean. Food gets easily stuck on the brackets and wires, which can become a feeding ground for the bacteria in plaque. When these bacteria feed on the foods that get stuck in their teeth, they release acids onto your teen’s dental enamel. Over time, this can lead to tooth decay that could require restorative dental work to repair it.

The treatment is low-maintenance for both you and your teen.

This orthodontic treatment is easy and hassle-free. Invisalign is delivered straight to your door, so it requires fewer visits to the dentist! They’re easy to clean and won’t require much of a lifestyle change for your teen to align their bite. With this simple system, there’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

Enjoy beautiful, braces-free back-to-school pictures.

Clunky braces can really distract from an otherwise lovely yearbook photo! Now your teen can straighten their teeth discretely without brackets on their teeth. Invisalign is made from a durable, clear plastic that is created just for them. You won’t even notice they’re wearing them!

See their results quickly!

The Invisalign system is known for straightening teeth in half the time of other traditional methods. You’ll begin to notice improvements to their smile in just a matter of weeks. You and your teen will both love their brand new smile!

Are you ready to learn more about how Invisalign can help your teen’s bite alignment? Perhaps you’re even considering getting Invisalign for yourself? To learn more, call Manus Dental in Hyde Park, Lake Zurich, or Yorkville to schedule your next appointment!

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