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8 Fascinating Facts on Flossing

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For some reason, flossing has made a name for itself in popular culture as a task most people prefer only to watching paint dry. While it’s true that flossing may not be the most invigorating of activities, the health benefits associated with flossing daily cannot be stressed highly enough! No regimented oral healthcare routine is complete without a once daily floss, and there’s plenty of good reasons your dentist stresses this activity every time you go visit. If you’re curious to learn more about this often-overlooked step in dental hygiene, read on to learn a few fascinating facts about flossing!

1. If you don’t floss, 30% of the surface of your teeth goes uncleaned.

Brushing alone cleans only about 70% of your teeth, and dental floss is what’s needed to clean out those hard to reach spaces between teeth to clear out plaque and debris!

2. When it comes to floss, more is more.

To get a good grasp on your floss, you’ll need about 18 to 20 inches of string to comfortably wrap around your fingers and pull through your teeth.

3. There is bacon flavored floss.

While the most popular flavors of floss are mint, cinnamon, bubblegum, and traditional, unflavored floss, some companies make products in exotic flavors such as bacon and wasabi!

4. Flossing gets out the gunk.

The act of flossing helps to dislodge and remove plaque and food debris that is wedged between teeth. This material not only is a direct cause of cavities, but it also promotes bad breath!

5. Beginner flossers may experience some bleeding.

If you’re new to flossing, seeing some blood once you’ve finished may deter you from continuing on your new flossing path. Don’t be discouraged by a bit of tenderness, however! Over time, your gums will strengthen, and the bleeding will subside as your gums get healthier.

6. You can pick between monofilament and multifilament floss.

There are two main types of floss: monofilament and multifilament! Monofilament is made of a combination of plastics and rubber, while multifilament floss uses a composition of nylon and silk.

7. Floss can be waxed or unwaxed.

Waxed floss is best for teeth that are very close together, as the wax coating helps to guide the string between tight spaces. Unwaxed floss if often preferred by people with larger spaces between their teeth.

8. Braces aren’t a reason not to floss.

Flossing with braces is a bit more complicated than flossing without them, but it is by no means impossible! There are special devices to help people with braces floss, and a steadily guided hand can actually work floss around brackets and between teeth!

If you’re new to flossing, keep it up! The health benefits of this integral oral step are numerous, and your teeth and dentist will thank you for upping your oral hygiene game.

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