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Five Foods that Help Whiten Teeth

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Whether you’ve recently received a professional whitening treatment or you simply have a big event coming up, you may be looking for natural ways to keep your teeth looking great. While a good oral healthcare regimen is sure to keep your teeth in good condition, there are a few other foods you can indulge in to really make your teeth shine.

1. Strawberries

We know the bright red color of strawberries may be deceiving, but these delicious fruits can actually help you keep your teeth sparkling white! The key is in the malic acid—it works to remove tooth discoloration from the surface of your teeth! So feel free to throw strawberries into any meal, and you can whiten your teeth in the process!

2. Fibrous Fruits and Vegetables

Want to naturally brush your teeth as you eat? Try some crunchy fruits and vegetables! Think: apples, celery, broccoli, and carrots. These fibrous treats increase your saliva production, which is your body’s natural way of cleaning your teeth. Chewing into these crunchy foods can also scrub the surfaces of your teeth, and the high water content helps to wash away food debris and strengthen your gums. Ultimately, fibrous fruits and vegetables make for a healthy snack that can benefit your whole body as well as your mouth!

3. Oranges and Pineapples

Eating tart fruits like oranges and pineapples can be great for your teeth, but only in moderation. Occasionally eating these fruits can help to neutralize the acid in your mouth that ultimately causes dental decay. It can also help you to produce more saliva, which, as mentioned above, can naturally clean your teeth. That said, make sure you don’t overdo it! Eating too many citrus fruits can be harmful to your teeth, as the acidity can wear down your dental enamel and have the opposite effect you’re going for.

4. Water

Drinking water can offer so many benefits to your overall health. However, if you need even more motivation to keep hydrated, why not your beautiful white smile! By drinking water between sips of pigmented foods and beverages—such as coffee, wine, tomato sauce, curry, and more—you can swish away some of the residue that would ultimately stain your teeth. It also keeps saliva levels high and washes away acids and debris that might otherwise lead to tooth decay.

5. Yogurt, milk and cheese

Remember how you were always told that milk will give you strong bones? There’s absolutely truth to this. Dairy products—such as yogurt, milk, and cheese—contain lactic acids and calcium that fortify your dental enamel, strengthen your gums, and whiten your teeth! It is also believed that casein, a protein found in cheese, can restore the minerals in your dental enamel. Plus, chewing on hard cheeses naturally scrubs the teeth! All in all, dairy products are great for keeping your teeth sparkling.

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