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5 Signs that You May Need a Root Canal Procedure

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Are you worried that you might be in need of a root canal procedure? If you have an infection that has reached the pulp within the tooth, this may be the case. And while this treatment is often rumored to be quite painful, this is actually a myth! Root canal treatment is actually no more painful than your average dental filling. That said, the sooner you visit your dentist, the better. These infections tend to worsen over time, and you don’t want to miss your opportunity to salvage your tooth. If you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is time to visit your dentist straight away.

1. Lingering Tooth Sensitivity

Brief moments of dental sensitivity to heat and cold do not always indicate that you need a root canal. That said, if you bite into ice cream or drink hot coffee and the sensitivity lingers for a while (over 30 seconds), this could be a warning sign that you’re in need of a root canal procedure. The intensity of the pain can vary from person to person, or even from day to day. However, this prolonged dental sensitivity is a sign that there has been some damage to the nerve within your tooth that needs to be treated.

2. Dental Pain

Do you experience pain when biting into crunchier foods, such as apples, or applying any kind of pressure? Do you have pain in your teeth when you lay down or jump around? This is a possible side effect of an infection deep within the tooth, and should be addressed immediately in order to salvage your existing tooth.

3. Inflamed Gums

While inflammation of the gums can be symptomatic of gingivitis and gum disease, it can also be a sign of a deep infection within the tooth. Regardless, inflamed gums are never a good thing and should always be addressed with your dentist. If the swelling is caused by infected pulp within the tooth, though, you might experience pain, swelling, and even a small, raised bump or pimple on the gums around the problem area.

4. Discolored or Darkened Dental Enamel

Have you noticed a change in the color of your tooth? While sometimes this can just be a result of eating certain foods or smoking, it can also be caused by problems within the tooth. If your white dental enamel has turned grey or black, or it is changing color at a much faster rate than your other teeth, it is likely caused by the breakdown of internal tissue or severe decay.

5. Jaw Pain and Headaches

If you have pain that is radiating from your tooth into your jaw or even your temples, you may have a deep infection within the tooth. Sometimes, you may even experience an earache as a sign of a deep infection within a molar. If you’re experiencing this problem alongside any of the symptoms above, be sure to run it by your dentist straight away.

The only surefire way to determine if you need a root canal procedure is to discuss your symptoms with your dentist. To schedule your appointment, contact Manus Dental in in Hyde Park, Lake Zurich, or Yorkville today.

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