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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Flossing

Every time you go to the dentist, you get asked the same set of questions. While answering honestly about how often you brush isn’t difficult for most of us, a surprising amount of people falter when it comes to telling the truth about how regularly they floss their teeth. We all know we’re supposed to … Continued

Adjusting to Life with Braces

Change is harder for some than it is for others, and while all of us need time to adapt to any big changes in our lives, sometimes there are moments where keeping up with what’s new is more important than others. When it comes to your oral health, it’s always best to stay up to … Continued

How to Avoid Enamel Loss

Sometimes it seems like society is obsessed with losses and gains. From products and diets designed to help you lose fat to celebrity fitness coaches encouraging muscle and strength gains, our bodies are a battleground for picking up and dropping different things they contain naturally. Enamel is the protective covering your teeth, and while muscle … Continued

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