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Teeth Whitening: Effects, Benefits, and Risks

Teeth whitening
Did you know we discovered the effects of teeth whitening by accident? Dentists used to give patients with gum disease hydrogen peroxide in mouthwash. After using these mouthwashes for a while, their teeth would become whiter. Today, cosmetic dentists in Hyde Park and other health care providers offer teeth whitening. So do some cosmetic businesses. People can use many OTC whitening products at home.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

At the beginning, hydrogen peroxide was the active ingredient. It remains that in most teeth whitening products. The procedure is not without controversy. The rules on permissible amounts of hydrogen peroxide in products vary. They differ in terms of who may provide these services.

Illegal Whitening is More Common than Ever

More and more people are speaking up about illegal whitening. They urge authorities to investigate and punish those perpetrating it. Governments must take measures to prevent illegal dental services. People want to be able to trust their dentist. Most patients don’t have the expertise to evaluate the diagnosis. Most providers are ethical. Scams “sink their teeth” into us all the time, pun intended. Most common scams include whitening and inflating claims. There is delivering worthless treatment that you don’t need. Some dentists bill insurers for made-up treatment that the dentist did not provide. When they add up, these acts can mean lots of cash for a dentist. What is more, schemes like these can be dangerous. You can lose your savings if you don’t have insurance. According to the NHCAFA, we lose $70 billion dollars every year. Health care fraud can cover a lot of scams. This is why it is good to know your options.

Legit Teeth Whitening Options

Manus Dental offers a number of options. They will all make your smile whiter and more beautiful. We tailor our offerings to fit all types of budgets and schedules. Teeth whitening is the most popular procedure. It is the easiest procedure in cosmetic dentistry. This is true if brilliant pearly whites are what you’re after. Why do patients undergo the procedure? It is most common before special events like official parties. Other special events include graduations and weddings. People may opt to have the procedure done for a job interview. Teeth whitening is a nice and thoughtful present for a loved one or a friend.

In Office Procedures

Are you looking for fast results? You may find in office whitening a viable option. A single office visit is all it takes in most cases. The procedure takes about half an hour. We follow up in office teeth whitening. We apply bleaching trays. You can apply the tray at home.

Whitening Kits for Home Use

Whitening kits for home use are a good option for patients with busy schedules. They are flexible and convenient. There are systems like this. We create a custom fit tray to match your unique gum line and teeth. At home teeth whitening kits use a good bleaching gel that gives great results. You feel nothing. The gel is 100% safe. The customized fit ensures that teeth whitening will yield amazing results. The fit will protect your gums. You might have to wear the tray for just several hours or overnight. It will depend on the person’s specific situation. We support all efforts to spot and prevent illegal dental services. Give us a call today!

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