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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Experiencing Tooth Pain

Are you suffering from a throbbing toothache? We know the feeling—there’s nothing worse! If you’re not certain what could be causing your dental pain, consider asking yourself the following five questions: 1. Am I brushing my teeth too hard? Did you know that plaque is actually soft and very easy to remove with a gentle … Continued

Adult Tooth Fell Out? Quickly Follow These 5 Steps!

Did you knock out your adult tooth? We know this is a very painful situation. The good news is that Manus Dental can help you during this dental emergency. Just make sure to take the following steps within the hour because, by acting quickly, you just might save your tooth and your smile! Step 1: … Continued

10 Signs That You Need to Visit the Dentist

Wondering if your particular oral health circumstances warrant a trip to the dentist? We believe it is always better to be safe than sorry! However, if you meet any of these following ten criteria, it is very important to schedule an appointment as soon as you can. 1. Eating cold or hot foods hurts your … Continued

Have a Sweet Tooth? 5 Facts You Should Know about Sugar

We all like to indulge in a sugary sweet once in a while! Unfortunately, though, sugar can do a bit more damage to our oral health than we would like. So before you take a bite into your next dessert, be sure to read these five important facts about sugar. 1. Sugar feeds dental plaque. … Continued

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