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Does Your Teen Want Invisalign? Here’s Why You Should Consider

If you’ve been thinking about getting orthodontic treatment for your teen, there’s a chance that they’ve been begging you to consider the Invisalign system—and for good reason! This series of custom-made aligners straightens your child’s teeth quickly and discretely without the need for bulky brackets and wires. But there are more reasons than just appearance … Continued

5 Signs that You May Need a Root Canal Procedure

Are you worried that you might be in need of a root canal procedure? If you have an infection that has reached the pulp within the tooth, this may be the case. And while this treatment is often rumored to be quite painful, this is actually a myth! Root canal treatment is actually no more … Continued

How Sugar Rots Your Teeth

You’ve probably heard the phrase “sugar rots your teeth” many times since you were a kid. While sugar itself is not actually doing the damage to your teeth, it does lead to dental decay! Here is the simple process that sugar takes to wreak havoc on your dental enamel. It all starts with plaque. Your … Continued

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